Fitness Center Transformation Project Is Coming Soon

Jul 22, 2022

The Madison Area YMCA is excited to announce that a reimagining of our Family Center's fitness space will soon become a reality. This transformation will touch upon everything from our circuit automation system and equipment, push pin strength equipment, stretching area, and cardio equipment (including an upgrade of every indoor cycling bike on the main fitness floor and in the Indoor Cycling room!).

The Fitness Center space will experience a metamorphosis over the next few months in three phases detailed below in our renewal plan. Our focus remains on safety and in service to you, our members. Work related to this transformation project will occur during low peak times or after hours whenever possible, so that there is minimal disruption to your workout.

Keep reading for more information about the projected timeline and how these facility improvements will help support your health and our community. 

PHASE 1: Week of July 25, 2022

Kroll Training Annex; Fitness Center Space Preparation

In preparation for the arrival of new equipment, Technogym equipment will be removed from the Kroll Training Annex the week of July 25. The Bravo and the Rebounder Station (rope pull/trampoline/pulley cable weight combo) will remain. 

Preparation of the existing walls, electrical and other building adjustments in the Fitness Center will begin. This activity includes the removal of several mirrors and a painting refresh.

PHASE 2: Week of August 15, 2022

Dedicated Smart Strength Circuit - EGYM

Installation of the EGYM smart strength circuit is projected for Tuesday, August 16. EGYM provides a customized, full-body strength training workout in just 20 minutes. After an onboarding session, members will receive a smart wristband that automatically syncs with a mobile app and the machine itself. Members enter the circuit at the starting machine and follow a pre-defined order through 11 machines. EGYM is a powerful and intuitive integrated automation that will move to the forefront as we phase out FitLinx. EGYM is a CIRCUIT ONLY option.

Cardio Refresh, Including Matrix Sprint 8

Approximately half of the cardio equipment will be replaced on Friday, August 19 with new models. Additional elliptical machines will join a complement of treadmills, stair machines and cycles. There will be a slight change to the layout of cardio equipment to accommodate a better workout flow.

A dedicated intense interval training program zone, Sprint 8, will join the cardio space. The Sprint 8 program has been shown to improve cardiovascular endurance and enhance overall fitness in everyone from young adults to active older adults using traditional cardio equipment. We can't wait for you to try it!

PHASE 3: Fall 2022

Life Fitness Modern Selectorized Equipment

Life Fitness modern Selectorized equipment will replace the Cybex equipment for resistance training in the fall. Selectorized strength training equipment provides the most approachable and non-intimidating resistance training option for all members, expert or novice, to optimize biomechanics. Members can employ whatever style of workout they wish in this fitness area; unlike EGYM, this is not a circuit training area.

Several pieces of existing Life Fitness push-pin equipment will be relocated to the Kroll Training Annex.

We continually strive to offer the best resources and facilities for healthy living. This is an investment in you, our members, who choose the Madison Area YMCA to achieve your health and wellness goals.