Madison Area YMCA Rosettes Gymnastics Team Crowned 2023 YMCA National Gymnastics Champions

June 30, 2023
(Madison, NJ) – June 30, 2023 - The 85th YMCA National Gymnastics Championship and Invitational “Reach for Your Crown” wrapped up Sunday, June 25 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since its debut in 1938, this national competition has celebrated the achievements of outstanding young gymnasts ages 6 – 20 years old. This year’s event brought more than 1,500 gymnasts and over 2,500 family members, and coaches from more than 75 YMCAs nationwide to Cincinnati. There were 41 Madison Area YMCA Rosettes gymnasts competing. 

The Madison Area YMCA Rosettes displayed their talent across various levels securing an impressive collection of titles and rankings. We are proud to announce that the Rosettes Gymnastics Team returned as first-place National Champions in the Xcel Diamond Division, competing against 11 other teams, and first-place National Champions in the Xcel Platinum Division, competing against 17 other teams. Our Level 8 Team earned an impressive Third Place out of 11 teams. In addition, eight of our individual gymnasts took first place in all-around performance in their individual divisions and age groups.  

"Above and beyond the impressive national recognition that the Rosettes team has earned, it is the camaraderie that these gymnasts demonstrate that is remarkable. They genuinely care about and support each other," said Vice President of Programs Kim Buccheri. "The positive energy the coaches have fostered goes beyond the high skill level they have achieved." 

FIRST PLACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS – DIAMOND DIVISION - Erin Bolger age 18 of Chatham, Kelsey Colwell (age 14 of Mt. Olive), Sarah Dolan (age 12 of Basking Ridge), Julia Eckhardt (age 17 of Madison), Julie Fagan (age 14 of Chatham), Shade Grahling (age 17 of Madison), Samantha Liu (age 17 of Livingston), Ella Pugsley-Crigler (age 16 of Madison), Mia Riddick (age 18 of Chatham), Vivian Schuck (age 14 of Chatham), and Amelie Tallinder (age 16 of Madison). 

FIRST PLACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS – PLATINUM DIVISION - Lauren Crisostomo (age 12 of Madison), Nicole Driscoll (age 13 of Madison), Natalie McLean (age 14 of Chatham), Molly Niekerk (age 15 of Chatham), Nicolette Rowland (age 13 of Chatham), Emily Serafin (age 14 of Chatham), Emma Sharon (age 13 of Madison), and Marianna Zegel (age 14 of Madison). 

THIRD PLACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS – LEVEL 8 - Aubrey Chase (age 16 of Madison), Lena Clark (age 15 of Chatham), Caraline Delikaris (age 14 of Summit), and Kelsey Greer (age 16 of Madison). 

ALL-AROUND PERFORMANCE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS - Caraline Delikaris- JR Level 8 (age 14 of Summit), Julie Fagan –Jr Xcel Diamond (age 14 of Chatham), Nicolette Rowland – JR. A Xcel Platinum (age 13 of Chatham), Natalie McLean – JR. B Xcel Platinum (age 14 of Chatham), Caroline O’Day - JR. A Xcel Gold (age 10 of Chatham), Kristina Fisher – JR. B Xcel Gold (age 13 of Chatham), Ryan Lafferty – JR. A Xcel Silver (age 9 of Whippany), Jayla VanDerVeer – JR. B Xcel Silver (age 12 of Madison).  

“Congratulations to our team, and our Gymnastics Director Christina Lopez, Rosettes Head Coach Sergio Estrada, Associate Director Jackie Morris-Estrada, and coaches, Amanda Zurawski, Ciara Hunt, and Savannah Jenks, who together coached our athletes to these memorable achievements!” said Madison Area YMCA CEO Diane Mann. 

About the Madison Area YMCA Rosettes Team 
The purpose of the Madison Area YMCA Girls Competitive Gymnastics Program is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in competitive gymnastics. Participants will pursue gymnastics to their highest level of ability and interest and have an opportunity to obtain a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Nationally ranked in the top 10 for more than 30 years, the team is comprised of gymnasts ages 5 -18 years old. The Rosettes practice grace, strength, poise, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Contact Gymnastics Director Christina Lopez for more information. 

As a mission-driven charitable organization and community wellness center, the Madison Area YMCA is dedicated to nurturing the potential of our youth, providing a safe space for teens, improving the community’s health and well-being, and giving back by providing support to our neighbors. For more information about financial assistance or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit our website at  

Caption: First Place National Champions – Xcel Diamond Division Rosettes Gymnasts (L-R) Samantha Liu, Sarah Dolan, Mia Riddick, Kelsey Colwell, Erin Bolger, Shade Grahling, Julie Fagan, Vivian Schuck, Ella Pugsley-Crigler, Julia Eckhardt, Amelie Tallinder.

Caption: First Place National Champions – Xcel Platinum Division Rosettes Gymnasts Top Row (L-R): Nicole Driscoll, Natalie McLean, Marianna Zegel, Nicolette Rowland, Emily Serafin; Bottom Row (L-R): Lauren Crisostomo, Molly Niekerk, Emma Sharon.

Caption: Third Place National Champions – Level 8 Rosettes Gymnasts (L-R) Aubrey Chase, Caraline Delikaris, Lena Clark, Kelsey Greer.