Aquatics Swim Lessons Policies

We want our classes to be a rewarding and fun experience for all. Please help us make that possible by adhering to the following suggestions and guidelines. We try to incorporate the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility in everything we do and we ask you to follow the same principles.

For the privacy of all those concerned: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OR VIDEO while in the pool area.

Please arrive to your class on time. Arriving late disrupts the flow of classes currently in session. Have swimmers ready in bathing suits and goggles. Please pick up promptly at end of scheduled class.  No child 11 and under will be permitted to leave the pool deck unless their parent or caregiver are there to pick them up at the end of class.  Children 11 and under must be supervised by their parent or caregiver in the locker rooms at all times.  Swimmers who are not toilet trained should have a swim diaper on with elastic at the legs and waist. If swimmers have long hair it should be tied back so it will not get in their face during lessons.

We encourage parents to be active participants in their child’s learning process, but we also ask for you to keep your presence during swim lessons to a minimum. Swim Lessons are a perfect time for your child to explore their independence and confidence in a safe environment. There are certain instances where your presence can detract from your child’s ability to learn. In those cases we may recommend parents utilize our observation windows. 

Make-ups are only held for classes canceled by the Aquatics Department. We do not offer make-up classes when the YMCA closes or for classes you have missed. Our program sessions run back to back and it is nearly impossible to make up another lesson without affecting student-teacher ratios; therefore creating safety hazards.

If you decide to withdraw from class for any reason, you may do so before the 3rd class of the cycle. Refunds are only issued in the event the Aquatics Department cancels the class or for a valid medical reason documented in writing by a doctor. Please consult the program guide for more information.

Please communicate honestly with us. We are committed to providing quality programs. If you have a question or concern, please consult with your Deck Manager or one of the Aquatic Directors.  

- Senior Aquatics Director Jon Siegel 973-822-9622 x2228
- Aquatics Program Director Yean Jimenez 973-822-9622 x2230