Facility Policies


  • Contact a YMCA staff member immediately if there is an accident, injury or unusual incident to complete an internal report.
  • However, please be advised that you are participating in all activities at your own risk and are fully responsible for yourself, your children and your guests.

Lockers and Locker Rooms

  • School-age children under age 16 must use the appropriate gender youth locker room; use of adult locker rooms is not permitted.
  • Children age 6 and under should use the youth locker room of the gender of the accompanying parent.  For example - women with children under age 6 may use the girls room and men with children under age 6 may use the boys room.
  • Children under age 16 are not permitted in the Men's and Women's locker rooms.
  • Adult/child pairings of the opposite sex MUST use the FAMILY locker rooms.
  • Please do not bring food or drinks into locker room.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in locker rooms.
  • Please follow all posted rules in regards to Sauna use.
  • Locks left on overnight may be removed to allow locker use by other members.
  • Kit Lockers are available for rent in both the men’s and ladies’ locker rooms.
  • Lockers are available for your use during your visit to the YMCA.
  • We are not responsible or liable for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.
  • Please use your own lock to secure your clothes and personal items in the lockers.
  • We encourage you to leave your valuables at home.
  • Small lockers are available for use while in the YMCA.
  • They are located near the Fitness Center on the main level.
  • There is no additional fee for use of these lockers while in the facility.

Sauna Rules

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • No bare skin on sauna benches.
  • Please sit on a towel.
  • No newspapers, magazines or any other reading materials allowed.
  • Do not dry towels or clothing over the heating units.
  • No shaving.
  • Please do not pour water on to the unit.

Lost & Found

  • Lost and found is located near the Welcome Center.
  • Items not collected in 10 days will be donated to charity.

Snow Policy

  • In the event of inclement weather the YMCA may cancel classes or completely close the facility.
  • Classes that are cancelled due to the weather are not made up, due to our full programming schedule.