Fitness Center FAQ

Q: Do I have to rerack my own weights in the Glasser Center?

A: 100% yes.

Q: How old do I have to be to use the Fitness Center?

A: Individuals must be 12 years old to use the Kroll Annex and cardio machines, 14 years old to use the selectorized machines and Glasser Center, and 16 years old to use the EGYM circuit. Exceptions apply to those working with a Madison Area YMCA Personal Trainer.

Q: Do I have to wipe down my machine/station after use?

A: While it’s not mandatory (our staff cleans all touch surfaces multiple times a day), we highly encourage members to use disinfectant wipes to clean their machine/station before and after use. However, to avoid potential damage, please avoid wiping down screens.

Q: What do I do if I need to use a machine/station that another member has been occupying?

A: We agree the most effective method to mitigate crowding are the following two points a) Communication between members is paramount. Politely asking each other if you can work-in or inquiring about remaining sets opens dialog, helps members build trust and also lets them know you’re patiently waiting. b) In the case members are taking too long at a station, crowding in large groups or not being responsive to polite dialog let the fitness center staff know. Our staff will observe the situation, educate the member(s) in question and move to correct the situation.


Q:  Do I need to warm-up prior to using EGYM?

A: We recommend warming up in the same fashion you would prior to any workout. i.e. stretching, light cardio, etc.

Q: What are the orange and blue countdowns on the console?

A: When the countdown has a blue ring that’s when everybody using the circuit will move to the next machine, scan their bracelet, and get ready to exercise! When you see an orange countdown that’s when all members on the circuit will be doing their set on the machine. Reminder: you must move to the next machine in the circuit once you have a blue ring.

Q: When does EGYM update my strength/program settings?

A: After every six uses on an individual machine EGYM will prompt you for a new strength test. The results of this strength test will update your settings. After 24 uses you will be prompted to select a new program, if you wish.

Q: Can I modify any of my settings on EGYM?

A: For changes to your workout program (listed in the upper left corner when you scan in) or instructions on changing your resistance please see our Health & Wellness Floor Staff.

Q: Should I do the EGYM circuit more than once in a day?

A: EGYM is designed to give you an effective workout with only one rotation through the circuit. If needed, the Health & Wellness staff can look at your settings to suggest any adjustments.

Q: Should I download the EGYM App in addition to the Madison Area YMCA App?

A: EGYM recommends using only the Madison Area YMCA App as a one-stop shop for all your Health & Wellness needs.

EGYM Cardio FAQ:

EGYM Cardio allows members already onboarded with EGYM to

  1. Scan their bracelet on the cardio piece.
  2. Do a cardio assessment.
  3. Pick a program.
  4. Use EGYM specific programming and view their progress on our Madison Area YMCA App.

Q: Does EGYM Cardio require an onboarding?

A: No, if members are already onboarded with EGYM they can scan their bracelet at any Precor or Matrix machine and start their cardio assessment. Fitness staff can show members where to scan and guide them to the assessment option, but a separate on-boarding is not necessary.

Q: How long is the self-guided EGYM Cardio assessment?

A: It’s about 15 minutes on Precor/Matrix machines.

Q: Can I use my EGYM bracelet for the Life Fitness machines?

A: You can still scan your EGYM bracelet. However, Life Fitness Machines will not affect your Bio Age in the Madison Area YMCA App or provide EYGM specific training/progressions.

Q: Where can I track my progress?

A: For Matrix/Precor machines use the Bio Age Tile on your Madison Area YMCA App. For Life Fitness machines you’d be able to see your workout in the Workouts Tile on your Madison Area YMCA App.