To protect the privacy of our members and guests, especially children:

The safety and privacy of all Madison Area YMCA members, visitors, staff, and guests remains top priority. In order to protect the privacy and safety of all of our families and children, the Madison Area YMCA has adopted the following policy regarding use of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras. Pictures should be taken only in public areas of our facilities, as outlined below, and only in the presence of staff. Madison Area YMCA staff have the right to review and/or prohibit the taking of pictures of participants in any activity or program. Pictures of program participants should not be posted on social media sites without permission from those participants. Pictures of children should never be posted on social media sites without permission from the child’s parents. Pictures or video are never allowed to be taken in bathrooms, locker rooms, or any other areas where private activities occur. 

Fitness Areas (Including the main Fitness Center, Glasser Center, Kroll Training Annex, Mind/Body Studio, Training Studio, Indoor Cycling Studio and multipurpose group exercise spaces):

Photos, video, and phone calls are not permitted in any of our fitness spaces. Please take all calls outside of these fitness areas. We understand and encourage the use of smartphones to track fitness progress using the Madison Area YMCA’s app or other technology, and to listen to music.

Locker rooms and bathrooms:

Cellphone use including photos and video of any kind are strictly prohibited in these areas. Please help us protect everyone’s privacy. As cellphones are equipped with cameras, there is no phone use of any kind permitted in any bathrooms or the locker room areas (including the Women’s, Men’s, Girls’, Boys’ or the Family locker rooms).

Pool: Balcony (Viewing Area):

Photos and video are only permitted in this space by family members during swim meets, with families prioritizing the safety of all children. Photography can only be taken of your child.  

Program spaces:

Phone calls, photography, or video is not permitted in our program spaces, including within the Walker D. Kirby Aquatics Center 8-lane and 4-lane pool area, Gymnastics Center, School of Performing Arts classrooms, After-School Child Care spaces, Kids Central, Enrichment areas, Sports Center, Fitness and Wellness areas, or other program spaces. The only exception includes during games and/or competitions where permission has been granted. Phone conversations are disruptive to other members, and prohibit staff communication with families.

Y Membership:

Y staff including our Marketing and Communications Department may take photos in program spaces, as all Madison Area YMCA members and guests consent to the release of photos of the member and/or family for possible publication, as outlined in our Membership Policy. Please help us to ensure that our YMCA is friendly and safe for all of our children and families. Thank you for your cooperation.