More than a paycheck

Top 3 Benefits of Working for a Nonprofit Organization

Imagine going to work knowing that what you do positively influences people in our community and impacts the life of children, adults and families. As a nonprofit career professional, I have seen a recent increase of interest in the nonprofit sector. Beyond the obvious reason of making a positive impact for something you care about, here are three more reasons you should consider a career with a nonprofit:

Nonprofits are a great place to work.

You become a part of a community and create lifelong bonds with colleagues that have common interests and goals. It is incredibly motivating when everyone is working toward the same goal! You have a chance to make an impact and do good in our community today and for future generations.

“After 25+ years in a fast-paced corporate environment, I found myself weighing the benefits of a career change. It can be a scary moment to take that step, but coming to the YMCA, a nonprofit organization with a mission that I believe in, was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” said Lisa Tubbs, Madison Area YMCA Associate Director of Marketing and Communications. “It is life-affirming to wake up and know that my co-workers and I can truly make a difference in the health and wellness of our members.” 

Your skills will grow.

You will wear many hats at a nonprofit, which can actually benefit you to grow your skills. You will have opportunities to experience varying parts of operating a nonprofit, learn new skills and hone existing skills in a supportive environment. Growth opportunities are numerous. Staff have the ability to see an operation from many different angles. This structure allows for rapid career and skills development. Consider partnering your skills with a nonprofit organization such as the Madison Area YMCA. Current openings are online here.

You will make a difference.


Fulfilling work is found when you find a nonprofit that speaks to the change you want to see in the world. Every nonprofit is different, but they all share one thing in common: a mission to do good. The YMCA is the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening individuals and communities across the country. At the Y, we’re here to help you find your “why” – your greater sense of purpose – by connecting you with opportunities to improve your health, support young people, make new friends and contribute to a stronger, more cohesive community for all. The Y makes it possible for children, families and adults to have access to Y programs that improve their lives, regardless of income.

At the Madison Area YMCA, our mission and core values are brought to life by our culture. We strive to live our mission of strengthening communities with purpose and intentionality every day.

We also offer a values-centered work environment and benefits that include a free YMCA membership, reduced programs fees, reduced fees on child care and early education (20+ hours a week), an excellent retirement plan and much more including flexible work schedules and paid time off for full-time employees.  

Find your calling at the Madison Area YMCA today!