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Improve Your Health, Safely and Effectively at the Madison Area YMCA with Wellness MY WAY

May 10, 2021

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Improve Your Health, Safely and Effectively
at the Madison Area YMCA with Wellness MY WAY 


 Balance Assessment Photo for Press Release


Caption: Madison Area YMCA Personal Trainer Marie-France Greer conducts a balance assessment as part of the Wellness MY WAY program, with Madeline Tubbs age 15 from Pine Brook. The new 12-week program is a benefit of Madison Area YMCA membership at no additional fee.   

(Madison, NJ) May 11, 2021 – Your wellness has never been more important! Regular exercise boosts immunity and just a few minutes a day helps prevent simple bacterial and viral infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Exercise improves blood pressure, blood sugar levels, sleep, mood and confidence at any age.  

Are you looking to get back into a regular workout routine, safely? Let the Madison Area YMCA support you in achieving a healthier lifestyle, with the attention, care and guidance from our talented and credentialed staff and instructors. Our Wellness MY WAY program is designed to be a low-impact, building block program that can take you from your current fitness level to the next safely. 

“Quarantining and altered schedules due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many to become more sedentary and lose the connection to the social aspect of belonging to a wellness center such as the Y,” said Health and Wellness Director Christian Esola. “We are happy to welcome more and more members back to the Family Center every day. In a newly deconditioned state, some members may feel hesitant to return to exercise. And those that are returning may find that they are not able to immediately start at the fitness level that they previously had achieved. For these reasons and a desire to reduce the instance of injury, we designed a 12-week low-impact, building block program called ‘Wellness MY WAY’.” 

Through the Wellness MY WAY program, your Y Healthy Living Coach will help mentor, guide and provide a safe roadmap for individuals to return to a fitness program. Following a “Discovery Visit” assessment that identifies areas of strength and potential areas for improvement in the categories of balance, upper and lower body strength, cardiovascular efficiency and flexibility, a low-impact program is recommended by your Healthy Living Coach. Learn more about the Wellness MY WAY program by visiting

As a benefit of your Madison Area YMCA membership, enroll in the Wellness MY WAY program at no additional fee by visiting the Family Center’s Welcome Center at 111 Kings Road Madison, NJ. Enrollment is on-going. We can’t wait for our participants to realize the intangible benefits of a regular fitness routine such as improved mood, a boosted immune system and better sleep. We are looking forward to seeing you! 

An active Madison Area YMCA membership is required to participate in Wellness MY WAY. The Y strives to be available for all with financial assistance provided for membership. Please email to join, to reactivate a Madison Area YMCA membership, or for financial assistance information. 

As a leader in healthy living, the Madison Area YMCA diligently monitors developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and communicates with and provides resources to our community. Wellness for all ages has never been more essential to our community than it is now. As a mission-driven charitable organization and community wellness center, the Madison Area YMCA is dedicated to nurturing the potential of our youth, providing a safe space for teens, improving the community’s health and well-being, and giving back by providing support to our neighbors.