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Over 150 Students Performed at Madison Area YMCA School of Performing Arts Mid-Year Showcase

January 25, 2023

(LtoR): Pictured at the Madison Area YMCA’s School of Performing Arts Mid-Year Showcase from the Ballet Beginner II class performing to “Friend Like Me” is Felicity Labiner, age 7 from Chatham, Virginia Way, age 8 from Chatham, Clara Nachtigaeller, age 8 from Chatham, Ethan Hansbury, age 7 from Chatham, Nora Fountaine, age 8 from Madison, and Bryn Ryan, age 8 from Chatham.  

(LtoR): Pictured at the Madison Area YMCA’s School of Performing Arts Mid-Year Showcase from the Showstoppers: Musical Theater (8+) class performing to “Footloose” is Zarian Dubeau, age 10 from Chatham, Harper Sackin, age 9 from Madison, and Quinn Turner, age 10 from Madison.   

(LtoR): Pictured at the Madison Area YMCA’s School of Performing Arts Mid-Year Showcase in the Tiny Stars: Mini Musical Theater class performing to “Choo Choo Boogie” is Jack Gould, age 5 from Chatham, Noelle Walczak Olshanski, age 5 from Morristown, Tobin Marella, age 5 from Morristown, Damien Steinberg, age 4 from Chatham, Kensington Quigley, age 5 from Morristown, and Benjamin Gould, age 5 from Chatham.

(Madison, NJ) – January 25, 2023 – On Saturday, January 21, the Madison Area YMCA’s School of Performing Arts (SOPA) held a successful Mid-Year Showcase at St. Elizabeth University Annunciation Center. Congratulations to the Madison Area YMCA's School of Performing Arts instructors and staff! More than 150 students performed on stage to the delight of parents, friends, and staff. Our talented youth capped their 20-week session of camaraderie and creativity by expressing the joy derived from the performing arts. 

The showcase featured performers ranging from ages 3 to teens who performed a collective 32 pieces. The pieces included dance styles like jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, and creative movement and theatrical styles like drama skits, acting, and musical theater. After all the students completed their repertoires, the SOPA teachers ended the day with their own energetic performance.  

“It is a joy to see the development of our students over a 20-week program session!” said School of Performing Arts Director Gus Ibranyi. “Their collective ability to focus, collaborate and express their creativity is impressive.” 

“Youth programs in the performing arts help students gain confidence and build physical strength and flexibility,” said Vice President of Programs Kim Buccheri. “There is a direct correlation between being exposed to the creative performing arts process and gaining the ability to collaborate as a team and solve problems.”  

Is your child ready to join in on the fun? There is still time to register online for our 20-week SOPA session that begins the week of January 30 with a Year-End Performance in June. You do not want to miss the amazing line-up of classes including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater, acting, special needs classes, 10-week adult offerings, and so much more! 

As a mission-driven charitable organization and community wellness center, the Madison Area YMCA is dedicated to nurturing the potential of our youth, providing a safe space for teens, improving the community’s health and well-being, and giving back by providing support to our neighbors.